SMA: A Tuition Free K-8 Public Charter School

Sierra Montessori Academy


2017-18 Classrooms

Sierra Montessori Academy is a K-8 school.  Classroom configurations for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:


Teacher: Jan Moriel/ Email:
Instructional Aide:  Katie Thieman
1st Grade
Teacher:  Sue Samuels / Email:
2nd Grade
Teacher: Lisa Demeter/ Email:
Instructional Aide:  Karen Beskeen
Student Supply List 1st/2nd grade
3rd Grade

Teacher: Brandie Ramsey/Email:
Instructional Aide: 
Student Supply List 2nd/3rd Grade

4th Grade

Teacher: Susan Alexander/Email:
Instructional Aide:  Clara Sinsley

5th Grade
Angela Otwell / Email:
6th Grade
Alyssa Kuharcik/ Email

7th Grade

Teacher:  Christina Verone/Email:
8th Grade
Teacher:  Mike McGovern/Email:
Montessori typically combines multiple grades in a single classroom.
In addition to the classroom environment, SMA also offers Independent Study. 

Please contact us with any questions. 
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